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Dental Professional monitored treatment at a price you can afford

Why treatment through a dental professional?

Treatments require professional supervision as orthodontic or dental procedures may be required, which only your provider is able to perform.

IPR - Interproximal Reduction

Buttons - Attachments

Dental Check-ups - Oral Heatlh

IPR - Interproximal Reduction, a regular orthodontic procedure where small amounts of tooth surface between teeth is removed to create space to fix crowding or odd shaped teeth. Mainly used to stop patients from having an edge to edge bite.

Buttons - Attachments, small amounts of composite boned to teeth to give the clear aligners force or traction to push or pull on which assists in the rotation and movement of teeth. 

Don't Jeopardize Your Teeth

Direct to consumer orthodontics / clear aligners are being heavily marketed in many parts of the world and results are coming back from patients, poor fitting aligners, patients ending with edge to edge bites, posterior open bites and the list goes on.

IPR is often required to resolve crowding, and for proper rotation of teeth sometimes attachments are required. These procedures can only be performed by a dental professional. Teeth straightening is not something that just changes the position of your teeth or look. It’s actually a procedure that needs clinical approval and supervision so that you the patient is not left with a jeopardized bite. We believe that clear aligner therapy is something that doctors need to oversee, as unpleasant outcomes from DTC models come at the expense of you the consumer. 

Why are our clear braces affordable?

Thanks to technology and partnerships.

By partnering and working with dental professionals, we are eliminating historical cost barriers with the use of technology, application platforms, digital workflows, geographical reach, 3D scanning and printing to help our providers change lives and create confidence with Active Aligners.

In summary - Technology allows for cost reductions and efficiencies across the Active Aligner process.

QD Active Aligners Before and After

Before and after clear aligner results, slide the bar left to right to see both upper and lower arch before and after. 

Before and after clear aligner results, slide the bar left to right to see both upper and lower arch before and after. 

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